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Activities & Crafts

Lighthouse Activity Book, 2nd Edition Paperback – 2007 by Elinor DeWire
Includes read-aloud stories, word games, puzzles, coloring pages, art activities, poems, biographies of famous lighthouse people, cartoons, scrambles, trivia and much more. Fun for any lighthouse fan of any age.

Lighthouse Crafts
Another offering from the Chesapeake Chapter of the USLHS that provides instructions for a number of craft activities including a clay pot lighthouse, cereal box lighthouse candle holders, lighthouse in a bottle, Solo cup mini lighthouse, and a paper plate and cup lighthouse.

How to build a model lighthouse for a school project
This simple example of how a lighthouse can be made quickly with items from around the home.

How to Draw a Lighthouse

These two videos that illustrate how to draw a lighthouse:

How to Draw Lighthouses with Easy Drawing Step by Step Instructions
This is an easy tutorial that kids, teens, and adults will enjoy. Even some younger children might be able to draw a lighthouse if you stand by to help with the instructions.

Lighthouse Books for children

Annotated & Illustrated Bibliography of Children’s Lighthouse Books
Compiled by authors, educators and historians this bibliography from the American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee Education Committee is the most comprehensive list of children’s lighthouse books available.  Each book is described and reviewed making it very easy to select a book appropriate for any child.

Lighthouse Books for Children: Picture Books
Lighthouse books available from

Lighthouses and Lighthouse Keepers – Children’s Fiction
Children's books about lighthouses and keepers available from Barnes & Nobels

Lighthouse Videos for Kids

These videos are aimed at providing both information and entertainment for children.