Lighthouse Stamp Society

There is a Lighthouse Stamp Society on the web and you can see their webpage at:

Collecting Antique Prints of Lighthouses by Loren Graham

Before the advent of photography the best way to present images in multiple copies to readers of books and newspapers and to art collectors was the print, usually made by pressing onto paper an engraved or etched plate of metal that had been inked. Starting in the seventeenth century and continuing until the early twentieth, many thousands of prints were produced. Some of them were of considerable artistic value, created by engravers of distinction. Displaying framed prints, often colored or tinted, on the walls of one’s residence was considered to be a mark of sophistication and culture.

Collecting Covers, Cancels & Cachets USA and Foreign by Phil Cole

Covers, cancels and cachets go together like horse and carriage and lots of good fun. There is hardly a stamp collector, whether the collector has just a few lighthouse stamps or has a worldwide collection of thousands of stamps, who does not have one or two favorite covers.

Collecting Lighthouse Stamps by Richard T. Richardson

Stamp collecting can be a fun way to learn about many things, including lighthouses. Not only can you identify which countries have lighthouses, but you can also see what they look like. Sometimes you can find informative material about lighthouses, such as where they are located, their characteristic, the types of lighting apparatus, in addition to related subjects such as the Coast Guard, buoys, and lifesaving.