U.S. Lighthouse Society Chapters & Affiliates

U.S. Lighthouse Society Chapters and Affiliates are groups that support either specific lighthouse projects or regional endeavors.

Chapters of the U.S. Lighthouse Society are autonomous, multifaceted groups of citizens with a common interest: the preservation of lighthouses and lightships. Society Chapters raise public awareness of our country's lighthouses and lightships and, in many areas, provide volunteers to maintain, preserve, or act as docents at lighthouses within the Chapter's region. Chapters are authorized to accept tax-deductible donations under the Society's 501(c)3 nonprofit umbrella which affords grassroots organizations assistance with start up, and whose income is reported as part of the Society's annual tax return. Chapters also enjoy access to a network of educational and preservation resources. Chapter status is achieved through an official application process and a review by the Society's Board of Directors.

An Affiliate of the U.S. Lighthouse Society is an organization which already has received a 501(c)3 nonprofit designation from the Internal Revenue Service. Affiliates share the common mission of lighthouse preservation with the U.S. Lighthouse Society, and although they wish to maintain their independent status, they see value in acknowledging a formal relationship with the Society. Affiliate status is achieved through an official application process and a review by the Society's Board of Directors.

Chapters of the U.S. Lighthouse Society

Affiliates of the U.S. Lighthouse Society




California Lighthouse Society

The California Lighthouse Society is dedicated to preserving and defending CA's historic beacons by creating and financially supporting preservation efforts across the state, instituting new lighthouse-related events, and raising public awareness of these structures' past, present, and future with the aim of unifying the state's lighthouse community.

Contact Information:
California Lighthouse Society
P.O Box 536
Palo Alto CA, 94302

Website: calighthousesociety.org

New York

Long Island Chapter

The Long Island Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society was established to assist in the restoration and preservation of the lighthouses of the Long Island, New York area and make Long Island's lighthouse heritage known to the public. The Chapter is currently involved in many projects and is working to educate, inform and entertain those who are interested in Long Island's lighthouses, past and present.

Contact Information
U.S. Lighthouse Society – Long Island Chapter
Robert G. Müller, President
PO Box 794
Bayport, NY 11705



Oregon / Washington

Pacific Northwest Lighthouse Group

The Pacific Northwest Lighthouse Group assists the various lighthouses along the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., providing docents, work crews and raising funds for lighthouse preservation through meetings and other events. Chapter members receive a newsletter.

Contact Information
Pacific Northwest Lighthouse Group

PO Box 940
Fairview, OR  97024-0940

Website: pnwlg2014.org

Virginia / Maryland / Delaware

Chesapeake Chapter

The Chesapeake Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society is our largest chapter. The chapter covers the states of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Chapter members perform a host of volunteer duties; assist the Coast Guard Historian with office work (filing, etc.) relating to lighthouses and lightships, help restore artifacts at the Coast Guard artifact warehouse in Maryland and have even restored a Coast Guard-operated minor aid to navigation on the Potomac River. The chapter also conducts short tours, cruises and meetings, often with other lighthouse groups. The Society and chapter continue to work hard to restore and preserve the historic Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse. The lighthouse, a National Historic Landmark, is the last in situ lighthouse – still in its original location – of some 36 screw-pile lighthouses that dotted Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries in the 19th century. The lighthouse is opened to the public on selected dates each year for docent-led tours. Click Here to view our upcoming tour dates.

Contact Information
U.S. Lighthouse Society – Chesapeake Chapter
P.O. Box 1270, Annandale, VA 22003-1270
Website: www.cheslights.org/

Tour Information
Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse
Website: uslhs.org/about/thomas-point-shoal-lighthouse


Point No Point Chapter

The Friends of Point No Point Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Point No Point Lighthouse in Kitsap County, Washington. We seek to educate the public as to the history and future of this historic landmark, supporting the plans of Kitsap County for development of the lighthouse and surrounding area.

Contact Information
U.S. Lighthouse Society – Point No Point Chapter
P.O. Box 223 - Hansville, WA 98340
Website: www.pnplighthouse.com


Affiliates of the United States Lighthouse Society


Alabama Lighthouse Association

The Alabama Lighthouse Association's mission is the historic preservation of lighthouses, to establish support and promote efforts toward the preservation of Alabama Lighthouses through educational programs, newsletters, literature, films, publicity, and tours, and to assist in whatever way possible in the restoration and preservation of lighthouses, lighthouse artifacts, and literature everywhere.

Contact Information
The Alabama Lighthouse Association
P.O. Box 250, Mobile, AL 36601; 251-626-4743
Website: www.alabamalighthouses.com


Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers

The Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers promotes awareness, knowledge and understanding of the lighthouses of California's Central Coast and aids their preservation.

Contact Information Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers
P.O. Box 223014, Carmel, CA 93922; 831-649-7139
Website: www.pointsur.org/cclk.html



Point Fermin Lighthouse Society

The Point Fermin Lighthouse Society's mission is to educate and inform the public about the lighthouse's role in the history of California and its influence on the area of San Pedro and its people emphasizing its function as a navigational beacon, its lighthouse keepers, and its inhabitants through preservation, exhibition, and public programming.

Contact Information
The Point Fermin Lighthouse Society
366 South Hamilton Avenue,San Pedro, CA 90732; 310-241-0684
Website: www.pointferminlighthouse.org/

St. George Reef Lighthouse Preservation Society

St. George Reef Lighthouse Preservation Society is a non-profit organization formed in 1988 whose goals were to first acquire and then preserve the St. George Reef lighthouse. The Government Services Administration (GSA), and Del Norte County completed the final transfer of St. George to the Society in 1996. The aim of the Society is to preserve this historic structure for future generations and to tell the story of the role this lighthouse played in the maritime history of the West Coast.

Contact Information
The St. George Reef Lighthouse Preservation Society
PO BOX 577, Crescent City, CA 95531; 707-464-8299
Website: www.stgeorgereeflighthouse.us


Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation

The Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation is dedicated to fostering, advocating and participating in the preservation of historic Delaware River and Bay lighthouses and will demonstrate this commitment through the restoration and preservation of Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse. The DRBLHF strives to impact not only the Delaware River and Bay communities, but people of all ages and backgrounds in a manner that attains the highest levels of maritime education and cultural enrichment.

Contact Information Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation
P.O. Box 708, Lewes, DE 19958; 302-644-7046
Website: www.delawarebaylights.org


Florida Lighthouse Association

The Florida Lighthouse Association is a nonprofit group of citizen activists dedicated to the preservation of the 30 remaining historic lighthouses that line our state's 1200 mile coastline. Our mission is to preserve, restore, protect and defend Florida's lighthouse towers, along with their material culture, buildings, artifacts and records to assure that the magic of Florida's lighthouses and lighthouse keepers will be available for the enjoyment and understanding of future generations.

Contact Information
Florida Lighthouse Association
15275 Collier Blvd, #201, PMB 179, Naples, Florida 34119
Website: www.floridalighthouses.org


American Lighthouse Foundation

The mission of the American Lighthouse Foundation is to save and preserve our nation's historic light stations and their rich heritage. This will be accomplished through the restoration, promotion and adaptive re-use of America's historic light stations, as well as educational initiatives that foster the sustainable preservation of lighthouses and perpetuate the legacy of the men and women who have tended them.

Contact Information
American Lighthouse Foundation
P.O. Box 565, Rockland, Maine 04841; 207-594-4174
Website: www.lighthousefoundation.org


U.S. Lifesaving Service Heritage Association

The purpose of the Living History Association is to educate the general public on the critical and historical role the "U.S. Lifesaving Service" had in protecting mariners along the shores of these United States. The Association will educate primarily through living history programs; programs that will accurately as possible, replicate techniques and equipment used to save mariners and unfortunate victims shipwrecked along our shores.

Contact Information
US Life-Saving Service Heritage Association
PO Box 213 Hull, MA 02045; 781-724-7131
Website: www.uslife-savingservice.org


Great Lakes Light Keepers Association (GLLKA)

GLLKA's mission statement is a calling for the preservation of lighthouses, the stories of those who kept them, and developing a new generation of preservationists. GLLKA also works to support other lighthouse groups throughout the Great Lakes and across the nation.

Contact Information
Great Lakes Light Keepers Association
P.O. Box 219, Mackinaw City, MI 49701; 231-436-5580
Website: www.gllka.com

Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy

Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy's mission is to promote the preservation of Michigan's lighthouses and life saving station structures along with the artifacts associated with them. They accomplish this through education, interpretive displays and artifact preservation.

Contact Information
Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy
P.O. Box 219, Mackinaw City, MI 49701; 231-436-5580
Website: www.michiganlights.com

New Jersey

New Jersey Lighthouse Society

New Jersey Lighthouse Society was formed in 1989 as a state chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society. In 1994, the chapter became the New Jersey Lighthouse Society, one of the largest regional lighthouse societies in the United States. The society counts among its membership more than 1000 people throughout the United States and the world. The Society is dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the history about and to support the preservation of lighthouses everywhere. The main focus of the NJLHS in these efforts is in the New Jersey, Delaware Bay and New York Harbor regions.

Contact Information
New Jersey Lighthouse Society NJLHS
PO Box 332, Navesink, NJ 07752-0332; 732-291-4777
Website: www.njlhs.org

New York

American Lighthouse Council

The American Lighthouse Council, formerly the American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee, is the leadership council and forum of the national lighthouse preservation movement. It focuses specifically on lighthouse practitioners, those who work as volunteers or professionals in preservation, restoration and the history of lighthouses, and its website features a practitioners' blog and expert contacts.

Contact Information
The American Lighthouse Council
c/o Mike Vogel bufkeeper@gmail.com
Website: www.uslhs.org/alc

National Lighthouse Museum

200 The Promenade at Lighthouse Point 
Staten Island, NY 10301-0296
Tel: 718-390-0040
Fax: 718-390-0041
Website: lighthousemuseum.org

North Carolina

Outer Banks Lighthouse Society

The Outer Banks Lighthouse Society actively supports all North Carolina Lighthouses. Well-known in the lighthouse community, they are often called upon to help in various ways such as serving as consultants for educational programs including PBS, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, and other media. The society receives dozens of monthly requests for information concerning the NC Lighthouses. All projects are carried out due to the dedication of their volunteers. Their long list of accomplishments continues to grow.

Contact Information
Outer Banks Lighthouse Society
PO Box 1005, Morehead City, NC 28557; 919-787-6378
Website: www.outerbankslighthousesociety.org


Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses

A non-profit organization that aids in the preservation and restoration of Yaquina Bay and Yaquina Head Lighthouses. 

Contact Information
Newport OR
website:  www.yaquinalights.org




New Dungeness Lighthouse


The New Dungeness Light Station Association is working to preserve the 1865 New Dungeness Lighthouse, located at the tip of the five-mile-long New Dungeness Peninsula in the state of Washington. Lighthouse Keeper Program participants reside in the dwelling for a period of one week. While at the station they conduct public tours of the lighthouse and do various maintenance chores. The station is located in a spectacular setting, backed by several majestic mountain ranges. Located in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, one might see seals, various sea birds, an occasional whale and bald eagles. To qualify to stay at the lighthouse, one must be a member of the New Dungeness Chapter.

Contact Information
New Dungeness Light Station Association
P.O. Box 1283, Sequim, WA 98382; 360-683-6638
Website:  www.newdungenesslighthouse.com


Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society

The Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society (NSLPS) was founded in 1994 by lighthouse enthusiasts while on a visit to Sambro Island who were so concerned about the condition of the lighthouse and the keeper's houses, that they set up the non-profit society to benefit all the 150 lighthouses in Nova Scotia.

Contact Information Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society
C/O Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
1675 Lower Water Street Halifax NS, Canada B3J 1S3
Website: www.nslps.com/

Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society

The Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Sheringham Point Lighthouse. The Society's mission is to is document and recognize the historic importance of the lighthouse and to ensure that the lighthouse and its historic route remain accessible and in public hands.
We are very proud to make available this link to a legislation document, Bill S-215, which was written to protect Canadian Lighthouses. Click here to read about their plan.

Contact Information
Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society
Website: www.sheringhamlighthouse.org/splps/
Email: info@sheringhamlighthouse.org