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Volunteer Host Keeper

Raspberry Island, Michigan Island & Sand Island Lighthouses

Location: All of the lighthouses are located in Lake Superior and a part of the Apostle Island National Lakeshore near Bayfield.
Distance from the mainland to the islands varies 4-20 miles
Contact:  715-779-9114
Duties:  In addition to the duties listed below for individual locations, each volunteer position also requires maintaining the grounds
such as mowing, cleaning privies, light trail work, clean campsites, and assisting with emergencies (as needed).  Lighthouse volunteers
commonly commit to staying at their light station for 3-4 weeks.  Those staying 4 weeks or longer will get one trip to the mainland for supplies.
Application Procedure: Around October-December, if positions are needed they will be posted on the www.volunteer.gov website.
It is best to apply directly on the www.volunteer.gov website.  
Note: All the living quarters may be shared with park staff and/or other volunteers.

Michigan Island Lighthouse
Facility: The keeper's quarters is a two-story brick house built in 1929. There is no running, potable water. Volunteers pump water from the
lake into a tank that gravity feeds to the kitchen. This water needs to be filtered or boiled. There is an outhouse behind the quarters.
There is one overhead light in the kitchen area.
Duties: The light station has two towers. One is the oldest of the Apostle Islands lighthouses; the other is the tallest. Climbing the towers
and the steep dock stairway will provide plenty of exercise. The island is remote and visitation is comparatively light. The Apostle Island
Cruises does offer trips to the island a couple of times a week. There is one campsite.

Sand Island Lighthouse
Facility: The brownstone Sand Island lighthouse is not used for housing. Volunteers stay at East Bay in a modern two bedroom cabin
with solar powered lights, hot and cold running water.  Other than ceiling lights, there is no electricity. The dock is located near the quarters.
Duties: Campground host duties occupy much of the lighthouse volunteer’s time. There are three group sites and six individual campsites
on Sand Island. The lighthouse is two miles from the quarters and volunteers have to walk the trail which is flat, but can be muddy. There is
boardwalk for about 1 mile from the dock leading to the lighthouse.  All the living quarters may be shared with park staff and/or other volunteers.

Pottawatomie Lighthouse 

Location: Located on Rock Island off the northern tip of the Door Peninsula.
Contact: Friends of Rock Island  262-492-0979  Email: friendsofrockisland@gmail.com
Facility: Facility has no electricity or running water. Water is available from an outside solar pump and there is a propane refrigerator and cook 
stove in the docent kitchen and a propane parlor stove for heat. One week tours of duty for up to 6 adult volunteers (with a total of 9 maximum
with children). Transportation to the lighthouse from the dock is provided. More Information on applying to be a volunteer docent is available
on the website.  

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