Lighthouse Shorts

The Anclote Key Lighthouse produced this video with the money they received from their USLHS Preservation Grant!

The nuclear lighthouses built by the Soviets in the Arctic

Northern Lighthouse Board
Mike Bullock, Chief Executive of the Northern Lighthouse Board, discusses the mission and history of this fascinating organization in this recorded talk.

Keep a Good Light
For centuries, lighthouses have guided us past obstacles to safe harbor.
We must remember to do the same for each other as we sail through our ever changing lives. 

Cabo Polonio Lighthouse
A day in the life of a Keeper. On Cabo Polonio, a remote cape located on the eastern coast of Uruguay, a lighthouse has been guiding ships since 1881. This video captures the daily routines of Leonardo da Costa, Cabo Polonio's lighthouse keeper. As more lighthouses become automated, da Costa is one of the few watchmen who remain.

The Tillamook Lighthouse
Interview with Jim Gibbs sharing his story of lighthouse service at Tillamook lighthouse during World War II while serving in the United States Guard Guard. Tillamook lighthouse is located on the Oregon Coast.

The Last Lighthouse Keeper of Coney Island
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism students Max Kutner and Johannes Musial have the story of the last civilian lighthouse keeper in the United States, Frank Schubert, keeper of Coney Island Light.

"Lindesnes Lighthouse (Norwegian: Lindesnes fyrstasjon) is a coastal lighthouse and museum on the southernmost tip of mainland Norway, the peninsula Neset. It is also the oldest lighthouse station in Norway, first lit in 1655. To avoid confusion with the lighthouse at Skagen in Denmark, it was lit in conjunction with Markøy Lighthouse. It has gone through several changes since it was built: In 1822, it was refitted with a coal lamp, and in 1854 a new lamp was installed with the current lens. The current cast iron tower was set up in 1915 and fitted with the old Fresnel lens. In 1920 the lighthouse station got its first fog signal, a siren. The fog signal and its machinery is placed in a building beside the tower."

This is a fast passed tour of the great granddaddy of lighthouses in Ireland. Hook Head is arguably the oldest working light in the world which had humble beginnings, reportedly as far back as the 5th century, with monks lighting a beacon ...there. The structure as it stands today has existed for 800 years. It’s an automated light, squat and a little…plump (they say horizontal stripes emphasize a thick waist, so it might just be an illusion). Access to the light is by tour, organized through the visitor center. Hopefully the U.S. Lighthouse Society will get back there in the near future, but in the meantime enjoy this short video - it's fun.

Here are a couple of nice videos about the Eddystone Lighthouse in the U.K.


This video is about the Cape North Lighthouse, which is located at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, and the Keeper of the Light

Here is a short video about Trinity House, U.K.