Society Chronology

This is a listing of the major events through time that have affected the US Lighthouse Society.

Date Activity
1981 Wayne Wheeler develops a lighthouse slide show 
1982 First work begun to start the Society
1983 Society formed in Wayne Wheeler's dining room
1984 Non profit status achieved 501c(3) and IRS Papers received
1984 First solicitation for members
November 22, 1984 First Keeper's Log published (32 pages)
End 1984 Society Reaches 1350 Members
March 1, 1985 Keeper's Locker Started
Summer 1985 USLHS Archive started
1985 First Domestic Tour one day of San Francisco Lighthouses
Fall 1985 Keeper's Log size increased to 36 pages
1986 Second Domestic Tour 3 days of San Francisco Lighthouses
March 17, 1986 Department of Transportation Award for Historic Preservation
Summer 1986 Moved Headquarters to 964 Chenery Street, San Francisco CA
December 1, 1986 Lightship LV-605 Relief donated to the Society
Winter 1986 Keeper's Log size increased to 40 pages
February 1, 1987 Lightship LV-605 Relief arrives in Oakland CA
Fall 1987 USLHS Philosophy Published in Keeper's Log
Winter 1987 Keeper's Log size increased to 44 pages
Spring 1988 Tanja Rabbitt Hired as Office Manager (First Employee)
Spring 1988 Keeper's Log size increased to 52 pages
Fall 1988 Moved Headquarters to 244 Kearny Street, San Francisco CA
1989 Wayne Wheeler gives Keynote speech at Key West FL
1989 Society petiitioned Congress to designate August 7 as Lighthouse Day
September 1, 1989 Society is host organization for Lighthouse Bicentennial Week in Newport RI
1990 Lightship LV-605 Relief designated a National Historic Landmark
Summer 1990 Society Hosts Lighthouse Stamp Unveiling
Winter 1991 Society receives $10,000 grant for the restoration of its lightship
Summer 1991 First color cover for the Keeper's Log
Fall 1991 Society Lightship filmed for PBS Special
August 17, 1992 First International Tour of Russian Lighthouses
Spring 1994 Society Passport Program in Planning Stage
Fall 1994 First Keeper's Catalog Released
1995 Passport Program Released
Winter 1996 Society joins USCG, and NPS to create a comprehensive Historic preservation program for the USCG
Spring 1996 The first all color Keeper's Log is published
Fall 1997 Society Helps to Create the Lighthouse Preservation Handbook
1998 Society participates in selection of site for National Lighthouse Museum
Fall 2000 Society attends the Nova Scotia International Lighthouse Conference
Fall 2000 Society was one of four partners in the development of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000
June 1, 2002 Lightship LV-605 Relief Opened to public
January 1, 2003 Society website goes active on the web.
Spring 2003 Society receives Phoenix Travel Award
Winter 2004 Society participates in first National Maritime Heritage Conference at St Sugustine FL
Spring 2004 Website is rebuilt and redesigned
May 1, 2004 Society and Chesapeake Chapter take over the restoration of Thomas Point Shoal MD
Fall 2004 Wayne Wheeler Receives Ross Holland Award
Summer 2005 Wayne Wheeler retires from all but the Board of Directors
Summer 2005 Jeff Gales becomes Executive Director
Fall 2007 Mike Vogel Receives Ross Holland Award
2008 US Lighthouse Society moved headquarters to Point No Point WA
2008 Society releases Light Lists feature on Website
January 12, 2009 Society designated as a “Preserve America Steward” by First Lady for exemplary volunteer efforts at Thomas Point Shoal
September 1, 2009 Lighthouse Enthusiasts Community released on the Society Website
Spring 2010 Point No Point Keeper's Workshop Restored
Summer 2010 Lighthouse Guardians Historic Trust Announced
Winter 2012 The Lighthouse Passport Club was first released to the members
Spring 2012 The Light Lists program was dramatically enhanced on the Society website
Fall 2012 Lightship LV-605 ownership is transferred to the Anchor Program
August 14, 2014 U.S. Lighthouse Society receives grant from Lands' End in support of its Lighthouse Preservation Fund Grant Program
August 15, 2014 Society Lighthouse Preservation Fund awards grant to Block Island SE, RI
September 1, 2015 Society Lighthouse Preservation Fund awards grant to the Race Rock Lighthouse, NY
September 1, 2015 Society Lighthouse Preservation Fund awards grant to the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse, OH
September 1, 2015 Society Lighthouse Preservation Fund awards grant to the Sentinel Island Lighthouse, AK
October 15, 2015 U.S. Lighthouse Society receives grant from Lands' End to begin the rehabilitation of the Alcatraz Island Lighthouse, CA
January 21, 2015 Society’s new website goes active
July 2016 Candace Clifford hired as Society Historian
July 2016 U.S. Lighthouse Society receives grant from Lands’ End in support of Boston Lighthouse
August 2016 U.S. Lighthouse Society receives grant from SeaPak in support of Morris Island Lighthouse
November 2016 The USLHS News Blog is added to the Society website
May 2017 Work begins to develop the USLHS Lighthouse Research Catalog
June 2017 The USLHS Archive surpasses 2 Tera Bytes of data
June 2017 Kate’s Corner Blog is added to the Society website
April 2018 The Society receives a National Maritime Heritage Grant to assist in the development of the Lighthouse Research Catalog from the National Park Service
August 2018 The Lighthouse Research Catalog is renamed “The J. Candace Clifford Lighthouse Research Catalog” in honor of Ms Clifford
November 2018 Society's Wayne Wheeler Library moved to Mariner's Museum
May 2019 The Society releases the J. Candace Clifford Lighthouse Research Catalog
June 2019 Society releases the first episode of "Light Hearted" the Society's Podcast
March 2020 Society releases the first of its History Videos on its website.
May 2020 Society announces Emergency Relief Grants due to the Covid Pandemic
June 2020 Society takes control of Point Wilson Lighthouse WA Property and opens first building for Vacation Rental
July 2020 Release of the first Bright Ideas history discussion on its website
August 2020 Completion of major restoration of the Thomas Point Shoal MD Lighthouse